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The Melhorn Difference


To us, running a business with integrity means acting with honesty and responsibility. In the remodeling industry some examples would include providing you with an honest bid on your project; not inflating it to line our pockets or underestimating it to keep it appealing and then continually adding upcharges; alerting you to problems we discover, not simply covering them up. We commit to making sure that you are comfortable with each step of the process and are glad to explain various options. Our integrity is also evident in the relationships that we have with local code enforcement officers. Through countless projects we have demonstrated that we are not hiding anything from them and are willing to ask for code clarification in unique building situations.

Integrity has an element of responsibility at its core. We exhibit this in various ways; from being involved in our community, local churches and building associations, to recycling and an awareness of our environment. These are not activities that boost our bottom line, but rather allow us to give back some of the blessings that we have received. Our responsibility also includes making sure our crew is safe to have in your home and around your children. We strongly value our own families and strive to keep our conduct appropriate for any age. We know that children imitate what they hear and see, and we want your children to look up to us rather than learn bad habits.

With our business, many of our clients have had more than one project done by us. We truly desire to “build” lifelong clients by building their dreams. Our family owned business motivates us to keep a tight rein on the quality of the work that we put our name on.


Today there are many building codes that help to dictate the safety of the finished construction project. Unfortunately, there is no way to mandate quality and craftsmanship. At Melhorn Builders, we take the mindset of a finish carpenter and apply it to all phases of the construction process. This means foundations that are square and level, precise framing joints and trim miters that are airtight. When everything is plumb, level and square, and precisely fits together, the result is a building that does not merely meet code, it will exceed your expectations.

As craftsmen, we are continually educating ourselves on new technologies and staying current with the ever-changing codes. Integrating new products, technologies and current codes into a 10, 50 or 100-year-old house takes forethought. These challenges are where we excel.


Finally, a craftsman knows when to rely on the expertise of others. We partner with several other local tradesmen who bring their specific expertise to our projects. Additionally, our network of suppliers provides a vast pool of knowledge, bringing together the right elements for each project we complete.

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(717) 766-4804

(717) 766-4804