Integrity & Craftsmanship

Integrity: Honesty and responsibility

Custom Homes, Lewisberry, PA While the politics and legal tape in today's construction trade increase, the need for integrity thrives. There is nothing that breaks our hearts and encourages us to persevere more than hearing news reports of contractor fraud or scams. While the industry seems to be plagued by individuals scheming to cheat money out of homeowners, this is not the norm. There are still many of us that strive to serve the building needs with quality. These principles are how we proudly celebrate over 35 years of serving central PA's building and remodeling needs, including all of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and it's suburbs. This includes Mechanicsburg, Lewisberry, Camp Hill, Dillsburg, Union Deposit, Colonial Park, Cambers Hill, Hummelstown, Middletown, Susquehanna Township, as well as the counties of Dauphin, Cumberland, and York, PA.

We firmly believe that it is better to sleep with a clean conscience, than to add to our wallets with unjust business practices. We have made a commitment to do the right thing no matter the cost. This includes being upfront with all of our pricing. We will advise you if we find something unplanned and advise you of the cost to repair it. We won't simply cover it up in an effort to help the bottom line. We do not have high-pressure sales tactics; we let our work and our reputation sell what we propose.

This honesty has given us very good relationships with the local building code departments. Just as we are upfront with our customers, we do not try to hide anything from the code officers. While some townships are more challenging to deal with than others, we understand that these codes are in place as a result of too many years of no regulations.

Another way that our integrity is displayed is through being responsible to our community. We give our time, talent and equipment to our local churches and several other non-profit organizations. We believe that we have been blessed so that we can be a blessing to others. Additionally, we feel that we have been blessed with the earth around us. We do what we can to protect and preserve the environment through the construction process. This includes being an EPA certified Lead Paint Renovation and Repair Contractor. We are certified to remodel your pre-1978 house. Additionally, we try to do our part by recycling what we can. From electrical wire to vinyl siding, we take it to the recycler rather than filling our landfills with more trash.

Our responsibility also includes making sure that our crew is safe to have in your home and around your children. We strongly value our own families and strive to keep all of our conduct appropriate for any age. We know that children imitate what they hear and see, and we want your children to look up to us rather than learn bad habits.


Custom Kitchens, Lewisberry, PA Today, while we have all kinds of building codes that help to dictate the safety of the construction being produced, unfortunately there is no way to mandate quality and craftsmanship. As Melhorns, we take the mindset of a finish carpenter and apply it to all phases of the construction process. This means foundations that are square and level, framing joints are cut to fit tight and trim miters that are airtight. When everything is plumb, level and square and precisely fits together, the result is a building that does not merely meet code, it will exceed your expectations.

As a part of being a craftsman, we are continually educating ourselves on new technologies and staying current with the ever-changing codes. Integrating new products, technologies and current codes into a 50 or 100-year-old house takes more forethought than working with new construction. These challenges are where we excel.

An additional part of being a craftsman is knowing when to rely on the expertise of others. We partner with several other local craftsmen who bring their specific trade expertise to our projects.

Finally, a craftsman relies on quality material to get a quality result. We rely on many local suppliers who lend their expertise to our projects by supplying us with quality building materials. We will gladly spend a couple of extra dollars for genuine products, rather than a cheap knock-off that is handled by the box stores.

We are by no means claiming to be the only ones in the area with this mentality. There are many of us who are striving to overcome the epidemic of poor workmanship and dishonest business.

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Serving all of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and it's suburbs, including: Mechanicsburg, Lewisberry, Camp Hill, Dillsburg, Union Deposit, Colonial Park, Cambers Hill, Hummelstown, Middletown, Susquehanna Township, as well as the counties of Dauphin, Cumberland, and York, PA.